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Top 3 Easy and Affordable Springtime Activities Your Kids Can Do To Be More Sustainable!

Ocaquatics Swim School continues to become more sustainable and encourages creativity. Throughout March we celebrated

B Corp Month by going beyond business as usual and proposed easy and affordable ways for our community to celebrate spring and Earth Month. Our ideas include:

  • Paint rocks instead of using plastic spring eggs.

  • Plant a garden.

  • Decorate reusable water bottles.

For the second year Sunny and Sol, our Ocaquatics mascots, paint rocks for spring! This fun, sustainable idea adds a twist to egg hunting - replace some or all of your plastic eggs with painted rocks. After the hunt, display them outside for everyone to see your masterpieces! Consider making it an annual tradition and start your own art collection. To create your rock artwork like Sunny and Sol follow these simple steps:

  1. Go outside and find a few rocks with a smooth surface.

  2. Rinse the rocks with water to remove any debris and dry them with a towel.

  3. Use acrylic paint to decorate your rocks!

During March we had the opportunity to help Jack David Gordon Elementary School improve its school garden! When we saw how much fun all of the students had fixing their school garden, it gave us the idea for a fun spring activity for the whole family to enjoy - making a small windowsill garden. You can reuse an empty tin can for a great pot and decorate it. Then buy seeds and a pack of soil to start your garden.

At Ocaquatics, we encourage everyone to use reusable water bottles and take advantage of our free bottle refill stations. During April children who bring their own reusable water bottles to class will receive a sticker every time. Our team members love making their bottles unique by decorating them with stickers and colorful paint. Bottle decorating is also a great family bonding activity that encourages children to use their reusable water bottles rather than single use ones. So far, we’ve avoided the use of over 6,000 single use plastic bottles. Let’s help the planet together as we all make a difference!

Our Ocaquatics team loves making art out of recyclable material in honor of Earth month! Keep an eye out during April for all the unique creations. We invite you to celebrate Earth month with us and “B” sustainable too!

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