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Swimming Lessons Prevent Drowning and Improve Water Safety!

Ocaquatics Swim School is celebrating water safety month by spreading life saving information throughout our Miami community. During May we are focusing on:

  • Speaking to schools in our area about water safety.

  • Increasing awareness about the different ways swim lessons prevent drowning.

  • Raising donations towards the Hope Floats Foundation.

Ocaquatics is honored to partner with Baptist Health to take lifesaving water safety information to local schools. Children spend a lot of time around water. We teach them basic water safety skills and knowledge so they can learn how to avoid dangerous situations and react appropriately in an emergency. When speaking to children from the community we explain the Safer 3 message from Stop Drowning Now, which is a simple way to educate people quickly and easily. The three part message focuses on:

  • Safer Water - identify the risks.

  • Safer Kids - develop behaviors necessary for both kids and parents to prevent drowning.

  • Safer Response - learn how to respond in an emergency drowning situation.

As a swim school, teaching swimming lessons is an important part of water safety. And there is much more that a child learns than just how to swim. Swim lessons are an important layer of protection to prevent drowning and improve water safety by:

  • Providing children and adults with the skills and knowledge needed to stay safe in, on, and around the water.

  • Significantly reduce the risk of drowning.

  • Teaching important water safety rules.

Swimming is a life sport that can save lives. Since 1994 Ocaquatics has taught 2,365,250 swim lessons. Being part of the Miami community we understand the importance of water safety as we are always around water. For more tips to prevent drowning and empower individuals to be safer whether swimming, boating or enjoying any activity by the pool or sea, visit

Every child should have the opportunity to learn how to swim. We are helping our partner, The Hope Floats Foundation, raise funds to provide scholarships for swimming lessons to local families in our community who are living in poverty. During the month of May when you donate $5 at our front desk, you will receive a paper ring buoy on which you can write your family's name to be displayed on our locations’ bulletin board.

We invite you to help us spread the water safety word and be safer too!

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