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“B” A Leader!

Ocaquatics Swim School is leading the way in growth and sustainability. In February we invested in ways to better our team, Miami community and planet! We did this by:

  • Creating a community garden during our 29th birthday party.

  • Creating a one to one model with Blue Missions.

  • Hosting weekly Ongoing Management Development (OMD) workshops.

Making a difference since 1994 has been an honor and we celebrated with those who made it possible at our 29th birthday party! The entire Miami community was invited and we planted a community garden at our Eureka location. Guests left with their own plants in our OcaBags as their party favors. Our goal is to continue teaching a life saving skill while making a positive impact in our community and planet along the way.

Our 1% for the Planet partner, Blue Missions, has been able to provide access to clean water to over 30,000 people in the Dominican Republic. Their work is incredible and we want to help their efforts. We have created a one to one model with Blue Missions and for every swimming lesson we teach we will be donating access to a day of water to someone in the Dominican Republic. We want to lead other businesses in Miami to donate to nonprofits when possible to make a positive difference in the world and to be a force for good.

Ocaquatics leads the way in continuously creating a positive work environment. We are hosting weekly Ongoing Management Development(OMD) workshops for our management team to continue to provide tools to help maintain a positive and fun work environment filled with servant leaders. These meetings have included topics such as:

  • Management Principles

  • Servant Leadership

  • Organization and Time Management

  • Building Effective Relationships

  • Having Difficult Conversations

Let’s celebrate Earth month together in April! We are excited to show extra appreciation to our planet while educating others on simple sustainability tips that make a big difference. We invite you to lead with us in the community and “B” a leader too!

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