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“B” Always Learning!

Ocaquatics Swim School is continuously learning in order to find new ways to better serve our team, our families, the Miami community and our planet! In December, we had the opportunity to participate in the following events that enabled us to learn or educate others:

  • B Corp Conference

  • Holiday Parades

  • Biscayne Bay Experience & Celebration

  • Leadership Holiday event with Blue Scholars

As a brand new B Corp, we were honored to have participated in the B Corp Conference! Our director, Miren Oca, along with our "B Keeper", Mary Walsh, connected with other values-driven companies and participated in activities that evoked critical thinking and new ideas. It was exciting to gather with a great group of like-minded people who use their business as a Force for Good!

Did you see us at the holiday parades? We loved seeing our community and sharing our message about the importance of water safety.

We celebrated Biscayne Bay with our 1% for the Planet partner Blue Scholars! Ocaquatics taught swimming lessons in Biscayne Bay, which is very different from teaching in our indoor, warm water pools. We had the chance to educate others about the differences and how to be safer in, on, and around the water. Things to always keep in mind when near a body of water are:

  • Make sure there is always a designated water watcher.

  • Be aware of your surroundings.

  • Reach or throw and never go.

This year our leadership team had the chance to snorkel with the help of Blue Scholars. It was a fun way to learn about Biscayne Bay and its marine ecosystem. We are thankful for this educational opportunity. The most important takeaways our team learned were:

  • Pesticides and fertilizers affect and pollute our waters.

  • There are three types of mangroves and they provide homes for a diversity of animals and can survive in challenging conditions.

This February Ocaquatics will celebrate its 29th birthday! We invite you to join us for fun activities all month long and to our special celebration on February 12th at our Eureka location! For our birthday, we want to give others the gift of learning to swim, and we will collect $5 donations for Hope Floats. All donors will receive a Valentine heart to display on their location’s bulletin board. We invite you to celebrate with us, help us share our water safety passion and help others to “B Always Learning” too!

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