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“B” a Helping Hand

As a Certified B Corporation, team members from Ocaquatics Swim School are making a positive impact in our Miami community and for our planet.

In October we turned out in force to lend a helping hand to beach clean up efforts at Virginia Key and to raise funds to support West Kendall Baptist Hospital and the Zoo Foundation.

On Sunday, October 9, Ocaquatics joined Clean Miami Beach ( in Virginia Key. It was eye opening to see how much trash, especially plastic, ends up on our shores. With more than 40 volunteers we collected 314 pounds of trash which included:

  • 1 chair

  • 2 car parts

  • 786 bottle caps

  • Lots of aluminum cans

  • SO MUCH plastic

Sophie Ringel from Clean Miami Beach educated us on the effects of trash in our oceans. We learned that

  • There are over 5 trillion pieces of plastic in our oceans.

  • Animals often mistake trash and plastic for food which can be detrimental for their health.

  • Hurricane Ian has shown its effects on our shores as more trash and debris continue to appear.

Our team was very glad that we were able to make a difference in our community, for wildlife and for the planet by removing trash from the beach.

On Saturday, October 8th, several Ocaquatics team members participated in the Zoo Run’s 5K and 10K races while other team members shared essential water safety information that can save lives, such as

  • The importance of an adult water watcher whenever children are near the water!

  • Reach or throw and never go (into the water to try to rescue a swimmer in distress).

Ocaquatics was proud to be an event sponsor to benefit the West Kendall Baptist Hospital and the Zoo Foundation!

Ocaquatics is now a Certified B Corp using its business as a force for good to benefit people and the planet. We foster social impact among our team. We try to make it easy for employees to develop social responsibility wherever they sit in the organization. We offer paid community service time. We make donations to the charity of their choice on work anniversaries, birthdays and to recognize key milestones.

This November, Ocaquatics will be collecting canned goods. We invite you to join us as we lend a helping hand and make a difference. You, too, can be a force for good!

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