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Top 3 Swimsuit Colors for Kids That Can Save Your Child's Life!

Summer is here and water safety is essential to keep the summer fun going. There should always be parental supervision whenever there are children in, on, or around any body of water. A key water safety tip is to choose swimsuit colors with high visibility when in the water. This will help you see your child when they are under water or swimming. Results from a study conducted by Alive Solutions, who specializes in aquatic safety, training, and risk assessment, showed that neon colors are best and the most noticeable - think bright and contrasting. When a child is under water, it may become difficult to see them if they are wearing a swimsuit color that blends into the color of the water.

The top 3 swimsuit colors that are the MOST visible in open water and the pool are:

  • Bright orange

  • Yellow

  • Lime green

As you can see from the image below, results show that the colors blue and white are the most difficult to see. The color of a swimsuit is something many parents may not think affects safety. Yet the test shows that if a child is wearing a swimsuit that has low visibility colors, then it may take longer to spot where they are in the water.

Although the color of the swimsuit will help with the visibility of your child in the water, parental supervision is vital at all times. Swimming lessons are a lifesaving skill that help children learn how to swim and learn important water safety information. Even if a child is a great swimmer who has taken swimming lessons, there should always be a designated water watcher to make sure everyone is safe.

At Ocaquatics Swim School we focus on providing essential water safety information and fun swimming lessons to our Miami community. Since we are always by the water no matter where we are in Miami - whether it’s the beach, canal, lake, pool or open ocean - everyone should know about and develop lifesaving water safety practices. We invite you to think about the importance of swimsuit color visibility during your next shopping trip!


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