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The glue that keeps Ocaquatics together

Ocaquatics Swim School values diversity. We are a multicultural company working with great people that come from many different places in the world. With more than 140 team members, working in five indoor facilities, a customer service center and a virtual office in Mexico, it is important to have organizational values that guide our decisions and daily actions. These values guarantee that no matter the location you are in, you will get the same experience.

Our core values are: safety focused, service oriented, team players, fun, friendly, dedicated, enthusiastic and always learning. Continue reading to learn more about the essence of our company.

Safety focused: Safety is our #1 priority. We all know that no one is ever completely safe around the water but they can be SAFER by learning important aspects of water safety. We teach valuable swimming skills as well as proper behaviors for our children and families to use around the water. We also teach our families how to respond in case of an emergency situation.

Service oriented: We always try to find a way to say yes. Our goal is to provide great service to children and their families. We are a hospitality company, this means that we hope to always make you feel welcomed. We also try to go above and beyond to take care of our swimmers and their families. For example, if it's raining, we take out our Ocaquatics umbrellas to pick you up from your car and make sure that you don’t get wet on the way into your swimming lesson.

Team players: We act like a high performance sports team! We know that each one of us plays a very important role at Ocaquatics. We work together, we exchange feedback, and we help each other to achieve our goals.

Fun: We try to find the fun in everything we do. We take ourselves very lightly while we take our jobs very seriously. We enjoy each day, the relationships and the experiences. We like to laugh and have a great time at work.

Friendly: We provide free, friendly, caring smiles all day long. We like bringing joy to other people and we value close relationships with our team members and families.

Dedicated: We are dedicated to our team and our families. Our goal is be as available as possible to provide great service to whoever comes into contact with our program.

Enthusiastic: We approach our daily goals with excitement and energy. There is always a great vibe in our environments!

Always learning: At Ocaquatics Swim School we love mastering new skills and topics. Our curiosity helps us go beyond our normal assignments and to learn more and always do our best. From our managers to our team members we are always looking for ways to strengthen our skills. We have a feedback rich culture!

Our values help us grow, thrive and stay motivated in our daily tasks. Have you thought about your personal values? Do you think they match with our culture? If so, check us out to see if a job with us is a good fit for you. Work with us and make an impact. Click here to apply now.

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