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Doing Our Part: The UN Sustainable Development Goals

As a growing, locally-owned business, our aim at Ocaquatics is to be involved with and to give back to our community. Our vision is to grow our people, so we can grow our business, so that we can have a greater impact on the world! And our mission is to teach our families to love swimming and to become SAFER, more comfortable and more responsible in, on and around the water. We also want to make an effort to build a better community for our children. We feel that it is our responsibility to do all that we can to make a better world, and a brighter future for our families! That is why we use the UN Sustainable Development Goals as our guide.

The United Nations is an international organization that was founded in 1945 by 51 countries, but now has grown to 193 countries in 2020. Their purpose and mission is to establish peace and security internationally and as a result they tackle a variety of conflicts and problems.

In 2015 the UN’s members put together a list of 17 goals, which are known as The Sustainable Development Goals. These 17 goals are ideals that we should all working towards as a society, and for which we should constantly be looking for solutions that can be maintained. The closer we come to reaching these goals as a planet, the less suffering people will endure and the more prosperous we will be. This list tackles problems such as hunger, poverty, illness and while these issues might seem massive, or even unfixable, we should never lose hope. There are big and small ways that we can all pitch in and do our part!

Ocaquatics is proud to partner with B1G1, which means that our business activity is linked to high-impact projects. Each swimming lesson we teach equals a donation from us to provide water to children in need in developing countries. By working with B1G1 Ocaquatics has worked towards the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Good Health and Well-Being:We have provided 3,400 daily doses of vitamin supplements to children in need, 4,100 days of medical support to nursery school children, and we have given 296 children in Kenya life-saving malaria medication.

  • Quality Education: We have been able to give 1,100 days of access to a special life education program for children in India and 1,050 days of transportation for children to get to school.

  • Clean Water and Sanitation: We are very proud to have given 780,974 days of access to clean water to children in Tanzania! That is one day of water for every swimming lesson that we teach! Each time your family swims at one of our locations you are taking a step in providing clean water for people in need. Not only that, but Ocaquatics partners with as well for water causes around the globe!

We encourage our families to look for the little ways that teach their children how we can all do our part. Examples include making donations to causes, recycling, or even supporting businesses that strive to be involved in the community. Together, we can make a difference!

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