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10 Celebrities Who Were on the Swim Team

These ten celebs sharpened their competitive skills on the swim team.

Do you ever wonder what celebrities were like growing up? We see so much of their adult lives, from their careers and awards to personal struggles, that it feels strange to imagine them as normal high school students.

These celebrities hung up their swimsuits to pursue the silver screen, but the lessons they learned on the swim team last forever.

1. Brad Pitt

’90s dreamboat Brad Pitt is one of the best-known names in Hollywood. He’s spent decades at the top with an impressive career spanning many awards and accolades.

Pitt grew up in Missouri, where he attended Kickapoo High School and participated in the swim team.

Even then, Brad was known for his athleticism and spent his time swimming and playing golf and tennis.

2. Gwen Stefani

Can you believe Gwen Stefani, musical icon and lead singer for the band No Doubt was an excellent swimmer in her day?

It’s true! Stefani swam for Loara High School in Anaheim, CA. It is rumored that Stefani still swims regularly as part of her exercise routine.

3. John Hamm

Mad Men star John Hamm made swimmers everywhere proud when he swam laps on an episode of the show – proving that good form is important on and off the competitive circuit.

Granted, the scene called for a 1960s stroke and no goggles, but Hamm performed admirably. Hamm swam for John Burroughs School in Missouri.

4. Megan Fox

The Transformers heartthrob got her big break in 2007, but she was no stranger to competition and achievement.

Fox garnered small-town fame for her swim team in Kingston, Tennessee when she was 14. According to her mother, Fox broke the record for the 8-and-under individual medley in 1994.

It just goes to show, swim team participation and achievement can give students the confidence and ambition to succeed as they go through life.

5. Hugh Jackman

The Xmen star made famous for his portrayal of the grisly Wolverine, Hugh Jackman has had a very successful Hollywood career.

Before winning his Golden Globe and Emmy awards, Oscar nomination, and more, Jackman was a high school athlete. He participated in a wide range of sports, from rugby to cricket and high jump.

Clearly, a man of many talents!

6. Jason Statham

British actor Jason Statham is best known for his role in the Fast and Furious franchise. Before his acting career, Statham was a dedicated student athlete and diver.

After high school, he continued with the British National Diving Squad and competed in the 1990 Commonwealth Games in Auckland.

Competitive diving requires a lot of discipline and training, and Statham has incorporated those traits into his Hollywood career.

7. Jennifer Garner

Beloved actress Jennifer Garner has an impressive resume that includes films like Daredevil and Pearl Harbor.

But Garner’s beauty and charm are hallmarks of age and experience – in her high school years she wore glasses, played in band, and was the water-girl for the football team. She stood out when she competed on the swim team for her high school, George Washington High in Charleston.

It just goes to show you, celebrities have awkward phases just like us.

8. Ronald Reagan

Hollywood A-lister turned President Ronald Reagan was an avid swimmer throughout his childhood. His peers at the time recall his unbeatable stroke and enthusiasm for swimming in canals and lakes.

When he was a teen, Reagan earned pocket money by working as a lifeguard in his hometown and teaching swimming lessons. He is credited with over 77 water rescues during his years as a lifeguard.

He went on to compete on his college swim team as a young man, and always held a love for the sport.

9. Kevin Hart

Comedian Kevin hart represented his community recreation center’s swim team as a child. Hart, who has become a staple of the Hollywood comic scene, had this to share on his Instagram page:

“I swam competitively all of my childhood, my mom made me do it because she didn't want me in the streets. This swim team changed my life. Major shoutout to my entire ‘PDR’ family aka “Philadelphia Department Of Recreation.”

10. Kerry Washington

Star of TV’s Scandal, Kerry Washington looks totally at ease in her character swimming scenes. This might be because Washington was part of her high school swim team in New York City.

Another example of swim team skills benefiting a person later in life. Way to go, Kerry!

Swimming is a lifelong passion

For these stars, swim team was more than just a sport. It taught them skills that were useful in their lives and careers – sometimes literally. Regardless of where they end up, the confidence and determination learned with swimming will last them forever.

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