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Water Temperature: How Cold Is Too Cold?

Children can be uncomfortable if the swimming pool is too cold

Spending time in the water is a wonderful experience for you and your children. Swimming with your kids is a great way to have fun and relieve stress. But, it’s a good idea to make sure the water temperature is comfortable for your child especially if they are participating in swimming lessons. Your child will focus better and have more fun if the water temperature is comfortable.

You may have noticed that when you’re giving your baby or small child a bath, they can be very sensitive to the water temperature.

Well, the pool temperature is no different. Although a swimming pool isn’t meant to be hot and steamy like bathwater, it’s still important for it to be warm enough for kids.

Adults and kids experience water temperature differently, which means that your child might be too cold even if you don’t feel uncomfortable.

So, how cold is too cold? Here are a few things to consider for gauging the water temperature when swimming with children and babies.

Why do children need warmer water?

There is a scientific reason why children are more sensitive to cool water. It’s because their body surface is greater than adults in comparison to their overall weight. This causes a small child’s body to lose heat very quickly.

This is especially true for babies. When babies are too cold, they use lots of energy to generate heat. This can zap their energy reserves and make them cranky or even compromise their immune system.

As children grow, the way their bodies use and create heat becomes more evenly distributed. This makes them less sensitive to cooler water temperature.

Many recreational pool temperatures are kept around 80 degrees, but children are happiest when the water temperature is closer to their natural body temperature. Ideally, this is around 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Look out for signs of distress in cooler conditions

When you’re playing in the water with your children, stay on the lookout for any signs of distress. If you observe shivering, cramps or a blue tint on the lips, it’s time for a break to warm up. Remove your child from the water and wrap them in a warm towel.

Remember that cooler air temperature can make your wet child feel even cooler so make sure to watch for signs of discomfort.

Make a splash at Ocaquatics year-round heated pools

One of the things we hear a lot from our community is how much families enjoy swimming and playing in our warm pools. Regardless of the weather outside, our pools are heated to 90 – 91, which is a perfect temperature for little ones. The air temperature in our pool rooms is also kept at a warm temperature so that children remain comfortable during their swimming lessons.

Having a swimming lesson in a warm, comforting pool can make all the difference for a child. Our families feel relaxed in our pools because the temperature is just right.

Parents can have peace of mind when their children take lessons with us. We know how to put your child at ease and help them learn swimming skills in a positive, fun, and comforting environment.

At Ocaquatics, our goal is to teach families to love swimming and become safer, more comfortable, and more responsible in the water. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help your child, call us today at 305-969-SWIM (7946), or by visiting us online to learn more about our year-round swimming lessons.

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