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Registration Information (Privacy Policy)

If your child has no previous swimming experience, go to our Registration page,

find the location that is best for you, create an account, and enroll them according to their age in their level:

  • Babies under 12 month: Parent and Me Baby

  • Babies 13 months to 2.6 years: Parent and Me Tot

  • Children 2.6 to 4 years old: Water Bug

  • Children 4 and up: Level 1


If your child has previous swimming experience, we will need to do a FREE 10-15 minutes evaluation to determine their level. Please go to our Registration page, find the location that is best for you, and create an account. We will call you back to schedule your child's evaluation.

Monthly Tuition

Tuition is $112 to swim once per week in a group class, and $320 for Private Classes. This fee is based on 4 classes per month. We will adjust or prorate your monthly tuition for any holidays or extra days that fall on your swim day. Credit cards that are on file will be charged on the 20th of every month.


As an Ocaquatics Member you will place your credit card on file in the secured parent portal. This card will be charged the 20th of every month for the following month's tuition unless you make payment using cash or check before that date. If you wish to withdraw from classes, please let us know before the 16th of the month by email, through the parent portal, or by communicating with our Customer Service Center or Front Desk. We will send you an email on the 12th of the month to remind you when tuition will be charged.


As a member, you will secure your child's enrollment in the same day and time each month. Your child will stay in their same class until they are moved to a different level. You are still welcome to make adjustments to your schedule as needed using our parent portal or by calling the office.


Also, as a member, your swimmer will be allowed to reschedule one missed class per month for each time they swim per week. For instance, if your swimmer is registered twice a week for the month, they are allowed to reschedule two missed classes.  


We now offer ACH or Echeck payments as a a safer, more cost-effective, and more convenient payment method for families. We also accept cash, check, AMEX, Master Card, Discover, and Visa.

Returned Check Fee

There will be a $15 fee for all returned checks or ACH payments.

Parental Supervision

Parents must supervise their children before and after their swimming class.


Use of Facilities

Families are allowed to use the shower and bathroom facilities before and after their classes.


All children under 36 months, or older children who are not potty trained, must use a non-disposable swim diaper under their swim suits.  Ocaquatics requires the Happy Nappy diapers ONLY. These diapers are available at all of our locations. Please visit our boutique area at your location if you have any questions.

In addition, please do not bring your child to class if he/she has had diarrhea within the past two days.

Class Start and Finish

All students should be present 5 minutes prior to the start of their swimming class. If you arrive after the class has started, please send your child to the deck supervisor on duty.

As a courtesy to all clients, lessons end at their scheduled time even for late arrivals.

Teacher Absences

There may be times when your child's teacher is absent. We will always provide a substitute teacher of equal qualifications. Since we do realize that consistency is important in your child's swimming experience, we will do our best to minimize these occurrences.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your child's lesson for any reason, please contact the Location Manager immediately after the class and we will happily offer a replacement class. We value your prompt feedback.

Lesson Procedure

Missed Lesson Policy

Missed Lesson Procedure

Rescheduling a Missed Lesson

Should you miss your regular lesson, the opportunity exists for you to reschedule up to one class per month. Members may do additional reschedules for a fee of $10 per group class. Members that wish to do private class additional reschedules, will have to do it in a group class for a $10 fee. You do not need to contact us before missing a lesson. We understand that children sometimes get sick in the middle of the day or unexpected delays keep you from attending your lessons. In addition, you will still have the opportunity to reschedule any lesson that is cancelled by Ocaquatics due to weather, pool or staffing issues.


Family Holidays and Prolonged Absences

Our lessons continue throughout the year (including school holidays) with the exception of Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day. If you are going to be away for an extended time, you have the option of suspending your lessons and re-booking them upon your return. Your remaining balance will be held on your Ocaquatics account until the end of the calendar year. However, we cannot guarantee that your same day/time/teacher will be available when you return.

Special Circumstances During Tropical Systems

We will close during hurricane warnings. We will reopen once power is restored and the director thinks that it is appropriate. If you have any questions about whether or not the swim school is open after a storm, please call our office and listen to the recorded voicemail message. During times of uncertainty, we will keep all messages up to date.


Special Note

Disposable diapers are not allowed in our pools. All children under 36 months or, older children who are not potty trained, must use a non-disposable swim diaper under their swim suits. These diapers are available at our locations.  Please visit our boutique if you have any questions.

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