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Staying Engaged with your Team and Clients Remotely

At Ocaquatics TEAM is one of our core values! We strive to form relationships with all of our team members and to keep those relationships strong. That is why we have a Daily Huddle at each of our locations everyday!

During the Daily Huddles, we go over important information and announcements for the week. We use our Daily Huddles as an opportunity to learn, but also as an opportunity to bond! We start every meeting off sharing good news of what is going on in our team members’ lives. Then we make announcements, encourage everyone to ask questions, talk about upcoming events that everyone can participate in, and we end our meeting with a team building activity! These team building activities can be any question: from your favorite pizza topping, to advice you would give your past self if you had the opportunity!

Unfortunately on March 16th, 2020 Ocaquatics announced that we would be temporarily closing the doors to our 5 beautiful, indoor, state-of-the-art facilities. This was done out of an abundance of caution in response to the spread of COVID-19 in the United States. However, that doesn’t mean that the fun ends!

At Ocaquatics we are working hard to keep our families and team members active, happy, and united! One of the steps we have taken to achieve this is opening our new free Ocaquatics Online School! Here you will find videos, coloring pages, and activities that you can do at home to entertain the children and keep their swimming skills sharp!

Our team has kept in touch in different ways, including our new Happy Huddles! Every week our team members from each location have a Happy Huddle through video chat: we share news and updates, chat, and catch up overall!

This is different from our usual Daily Huddles, since everything is changing so much during these times. As a result we have learned so much about our team!

We learn more about their interests: We get to know more about what they do in their free time, how they keep busy, what shows they like to watch, anything at all! We talk about things we might not have thought to talk about otherwise.

We learn together: Even though we are all in different places, our team members are still experiencing new things everyday. Some are taking online classes for the first time, others might be trying a new recipe, learning a new skill, trying to set a new healthy habit. We do all of this from home, and are able to share it with each other!

We get a glimpse of their home lives: We see them outside of work, we hear stories about their families, we even see their families! One of our team mates participated in our very first Happy Huddle with his daughter, who we all got to meet!

We see how dedicated each member of our team is: So many of our team members are going out of their way and taking time out of their day to participate in our Happy Huddles! We continue to engage with each other and prove our commitment to our team!

Most of all, we prove what we already know: how positive our team is. During these difficult times all of our team members remain happy, enthusiastic, and looking for the silver lining in every situation!

We encourage all of our families to reach out to their loved ones during these tough times and lift each other up. Just because we have to maintain distance, that doesn’t mean we have to drift apart! #PhysicalDistanceNotSocialDistance

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