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Ocaquatics is proud to be a locally-owned, community small business.

We at Ocaquatics are proud to be a growing small business. We employ 136 team members and 33 of those are full time. These numbers are as of March 2020 but growing every day!

We believe that small business is the backbone of the US economy! According to U.S. Small Business Administration statistics, there are 30.7 million small businesses active across the United States and this comprises 99.9% of all businesses in the US.

And, did you know that almost half of the workforce in this country is employed by a small business. It’s estimated that these small businesses combined have around 59.9 million employees, which accounts for 47.3% of all employees in the US. In addition, most of the new jobs that are created each year are by small businesses.

The Small Business Administration also reports that of the 30.7 million businesses, 8 million are minority owned businesses. We are also proud to be a Latina-owned business. Not only is our founder and director a woman but we hire lots of women and 73% of our entire workforce is female! In addition, our leadership team is made up of 70% strong women. And the best part is that we have 29 mother’s on our staff!

We are also proud to be a locally-owned, community involved business. We make great partners to any neighborhood that we enter. You will often find us out supporting community events, health fairs, etc. We love “shopping local” and supporting the small businesses that are growing around us. We take pride in strengthening the surrounding economy and improving the quality of life of those in our neighborhoods!

And finally, Ocaquatics believes strongly in growing our people and teaching them valuable skills that they will use while they work in our company and later on in life. Our team members have access to health insurance, 401K retirement benefits, Smart Dollar financial responsibility education and more! Our vision is to grow our people, so that we can grow our business, so that we can have a bigger impact in the world. We love the causes that we are able to support and look forward to finding more ways to help the community, our city and the world!

Our purpose is our people, both those that work with us and those that attend our lessons!

How would you like to work for an amazing organization like this? Well you can! Check us out at for more information on our employment opportunities!

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