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Our organizational culture

Strong companies know that the key to success and a good work environment is having a solid organizational culture. Culture is based on shared values, beliefs, and attitudes that have been developed over time. For Ocaquatics, culture is a priority and everything we do is guided by our mission, vision and core values.

Our culture focuses on three main aspects: relationships, team atmosphere and service.

We work very hard everyday to have great relationships with our families and with our team members. The vision of Ocaquatics is to grow our people so we can grow our business and therefore have a greater impact in the world. We are convinced that without strong bonds with our team members, we would never be able to work towards our vision. By teaching, mentoring, guiding and coaching our team members, we are able to help them grow each and every day. And they turn around and help us grow our business in order to provide more services for our families.

We truly believe that we are like a high performance sports team. We work together and hold each other accountable so that we can be as productive as possible. We also love spending time together. All year long we organize different types of activities inside and outside Ocaquatics. We like to motivate each other towards growth and goals. We have fun together at community events, pictionary nights, parties, conferences, and many other events that we have every year.

Great service means that we are a hospitality company. This means we will do whatever it takes to provide the best service and take care of our swimmers. In addition, our team members are our first customers and we make sure that they are well taken care of so that they can then turn around and take great care of our families.

Our culture of relationships, team and service also means that we give back to the community and we try to be good global citizens. We contribute to and support several different causes (Hope Floats, B1G1, Charity Water to name a few)!

We are so proud that the culture of Ocaquatics has been recognized on different occasions. In 2017 The South Atlantic Business Excellence gave us the award for Best Company Culture! For two years in a row, we have also won the Top WorkPlaces Award in South Florida (2018-2019). These recognitions are all because of the hard work of our team and we are very proud of them.

If you are looking for a great place to work, with amazing organizational culture join our team and start your career with us. Click here to learn more about the positions we have available for you.

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