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Hitting a Plateau

When we first start something new, it is easy to see changes and to enjoy progress. But after a while, we might get the feeling that we are not making any progress.

In swimming lessons, sometimes there is a point when a child stalls out in their progress despite their consistent attendance in lessons and the parents continuing to do “everything right.” This is called hitting a plateau and it means that the results you get from training slow down or stop. But parents should not worry as this even happens in training with very competitive athletes. And all parents and swimmers should know about this super common phenomenon.

And plateaus not only happen in swimming lessons. They are common when you are trying to lose weight, training for a marathon, or trying to build muscle and a plateau can happen to anyone! Even Michael Phelps hit plateaus during 2009-2016 in his personal record of swimming. We understand it might be frustrating working hard for something and not seeing the progress. Plateaus can become demoralizing to everyone.

According to the Swimming World Magazine, there are a few things you can do to thrive if you are experiencing this situation:

Find the FUN again in lessons. Fun is one of our core values, we believe we need to add a little fun in anything we do. Instead of focusing on progress, find what makes you have more fun at the pool.

Celebrate every little win and remember that small victories make the difference. Never underestimate the power of celebrating tiny efforts or progress. Praise your child for effort as much as you do for progress.

Talk to your child positively. Think about the difference being positive makes on your own motivation and progress in everything you do. Use kind words with your child and be patient about the progress.

Ask for help. If you think your child has hit a plateau in their swimming lessons, please ask the Ocaquatics Deck Supervisor for help. Understanding your concerns will help the supervisor and instructor focus more on the aspect that needs to be changed.

At Ocaquatics, we know that consistent attendance in lessons does over time make a difference in your child’s progress in making them safer around the water. Click here to know more about our swim school.

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