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New Partner Announcement!

Ocaquatics is pleased to announce that we have become a Swim School Provider of Hope Floats Foundation. Hope Floats Foundation is a nonprofit committed to impacting the statistics on worldwide drowning by teaching children to swim. They provide scholarships and tuition assistance to those who need it the most by working with swim schools that have a great track record for teaching swimming.

The equivalent of thirteen school buses full of children die each year in the United States due to drowning. Studies at the National Institute of Health show that swim lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by 88%.

According to Cindy Tonnesen, founder of the Hope Floats Foundation “There’s a huge need for swim lessons, and the kids that need them the most – lower socio-economic level kids – they’re not getting them.”

Here are some starting facts:

  • Drowning is the leading cause of Accidental Death in the US for Ages 4 & Under (CDC).

  • 372,000 people worldwide lose their lives to drowning every year.

  • Drowning is the 2nd leading cause of Accidental Death in the US for Ages 4 & Up (CDC).

  • Globally, the highest drowning rates are among children 1-4 years, followed by children 5-9 years (World Health Organization (WHO).

  • Lower socioeconomic status is associated with higher risk of drowning (WHO).

  • African American children in the US drown at rates 5.5 times higher than whites (CDC).

The Hope Floats Foundation scholarship program formally launched in September 2018. With 129 locations across 24 states, Hope Floats and its partner swim schools provide thousands of swim lessons for children who otherwise do not have access. If you are wondering how can you help you can take action by making a donation. For more information please visit

Ocaquatics has been teaching families of South Florida to swim and to be safer around water since 1994. It is our pleasure to contribute to this amazing foundation and to give back to our community by supporting and offering scholarships for swim lessons for families in need.

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