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What you will gain by working with us!

We spend lots of time at work and in some cases, it is the place where we spend a majority of our time. And this is why it is important to find a meaningful job that helps us to stay motivated and engaged and also a place that cares for our personal development.

A job with Ocaquatics means you will be part of an amazing team whose mission is to make families SAFER around the water. You will also gain incredible work experience and life skills that will help you in your journey here and in your future.

Ocaquatics will provide you with lots of different opportunities to socialize with parents, children and coworkers. This will improve your communication skills as well as help you gain confidence in speaking to groups of people.

This environment also allows you to work with children in many different ways regardless if you are a swimming teacher or in a dry position at our front desk. You will be able to help families find solutions to their issues in a positive and encouraging way. And that will help you in your personal life too, increasing your problem solving skills.

Ocaquatics is a very busy school and you will develop the ability to multi-task and work under pressure. You will learn how to remain calm and able to accomplish your work no matter the circumstances around you.

We love mastering new skills and topics and this is very much a part of our culture at Ocaquatics. You will have lots of opportunities for continuous learning, because we are always looking for ways to grow and continue improving our skills. In fact, you will even learn to serve and help others to grow by picking up leadership skills that are demonstrated around you.

At Ocaquatics, you will make a difference! We donate to various organizations in your honor and you help guide us in how we spend our volunteer time in supporting the community. You will make an impact to our families, the community and the world!

And the best part of working at Ocaquatics is that you don't need experience. We train for all positions including providing you opportunities to grow and develop your leadership skills. And this could lead to an eventual role in our Manager -in-Training Program.

Click here to fill out an application for this incredible work opportunity!

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