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Learning is our passion

At Ocaquatics Swim School we love mastering new skills and topics. Our curiosity helps us go beyond our normal assignments to learn more and always do our best. In fact, this is so important to us that one of our core values is always learning. Dry or aquatic position? It doesn’t matter, we are always striving to grow.

From our managers to our team members we are always looking for ways to strengthen our skills. We are proud that we were recently recognized by The American Red Cross for being a learn to swim provider and for training and certifying over 50 people every year as Water Safety Instructors and Lifeguards.

In addition, in this year alone, we’ve attended several conferences such as World of Possibilities Leadership Conference, The Power of Positive Leadership, The Culture Solution and the SHRM. We’ve learned that it is always possible for us to achieve new goals, as long as we focus on our values and learn from each other. We continue to make our culture a greater, happier and more positive. We have developed a work environment that promotes gratitude and appreciation for others. All the conferences we go to reinforce that culture is a priority in our organization. Attending growth events also helps us grow our team members in order to grow our company and make a bigger impact in the world.

Since we know that there is always something new to learn, we continuously keep training our team members. It’s important to know how to handle different situations and provide great service to our children and their families. Learning is our passion not only because it helps us make better decisions but it also gives us the opportunity to make new friends.

We look forward to continue training more team members to save lives in the community! If you want to keep challenging yourself and learn with us click here to fill a job application.

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