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Joining our Growing Team

Getting a job can be a lengthy path, especially if you want to work at Ocaquatics. We have a rigorous hiring process to make sure we get the most amazing and positive workers. We know what kind of team members we are looking for and we are willing to wait until we find them.

Anyone who wants to work with us must be a truly exceptional and positive hard worker. If you feel that this is you, keep reading. We encourage our applicants to do their homework on us so that they get to know our company and what we expect.

[Unlimited energy]

We are a hospitality company first and foremost. We take care of our customers, and they include children and their families. Working with this population requires an unlimited amount of energy and a never-ending smile. If you are able to provide positive, fun, experiences you are halfway there.

[Positive Attitude]

We are positive people working in a very busy environment. If you are known to handle things calmly and properly you will be a great fit. We also love to have fun at work and that means we take ourselves very lightly while we take our jobs very seriously. This means we look for responsible and mature people who have a great sense of humor while serving the children and their parents.

[Desire to learn]

We are learners! We love people with a growth mindset who are passionate about growing and improving themselves.

[Team players]

It is all about relationships at Ocaquatics. Everyone is a team player and we love to work together and support each other.

To sum up, we strive to find great people who possess positive attitudes, are motivated to grow and learn, and have a special interest in making an impact! People who work here know that this is more than a job. It’s a life changing experience. We make families safer around the water while making a difference in the world. If you are ready to change lives and work hard, click here to apply now. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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