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Grow with us!

In 1994 Ocaquatics was founded to help families become safer around the water. With this one goal in mind, we started this journey sharing our love and passion for swimming and we are so proud of all of the lives we have impacted over the past 25 years.

We began doing private lessons in our client’s homes. Later we built 4 state of the art, indoor facilities in Miami and soon we’ll be opening our 5th location in May 2019! We believe swimming is a necessary life skill and an important part of any water safety program.

We feel that every great business is made by the people who work there! We are convinced that without the strong relationships that we have with our team members and the positive relationships they have with our clients it would never be possible for us to provide fun, amazing and educational experiences.

Ocaquatics invites you to learn more about joining our family of 120 team members. Here are some reasons people want to join our team:

[Friendly Culture]

At Ocaquatics we have friendly, multicultural, happy, and passionate people sharing their amazing energy. Our team members actually LIKE spending time with one another inside and outside of work hours! We organize different events that help us cultivate strong relationships on our team. These include book clubs, pictionary nights, themed parties and special awards ceremonies.

And our friendly culture extends to our swimmers and their families too! We are truly a hospitality company and we provide great service to anyone who comes into contact with us.

[Great leaders]

We believe in Servant Leadership and therefore our leaders serve the people who work with us. We have a mentorship program where all team members receive a mentor to help guide them on their journey with us.

[Always Learning]

We also invest tons of time in training and coaching our people. Our core value of ALWAYS LEARNING means that we are always looking to provide feedback and help each of our team members grow and become the best they can. And this also means we are continuously updating and improving our teaching methods so we love attending conferences and trainings to get new ideas.

[No drama workplace]

When we make a mistake we all take responsibility. We prefer to spend our time teaching families to love swimming instead of blaming others. Our motto is “you see it, you fix it!”

[We work with purpose]

We make families SAFER around the water by giving swimming lessons and we all share in that HUGE purpose. We also like being involved with several charity organizations like B1G1, Charity Water and Stop Drowning Now. And we help our team become more involved in charitable giving in fun and unique ways. For example, on each team member’s birthday we make donations to special causes that help other people to celebrate their birthdays or to have clean water to drink. Pretty awesome right? No matter what position you are in with Ocaquatics, you can be sure that you are making a difference in the world!

So, if you love children and you want to save lives, come grow with us!!! Join our team and start a new and great experience!!! We look forward to making a difference in the world with you!

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