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Summertime Fun Means Great Opportunities for Swimming Lessons

With summertime fun just around the corner, kids will be in and around water more than any other time of year

As the warm weather starts to peak and school lets out for weeks at a time, the lazy days of summer offer endless opportunities for fun and leisure. While lots of families use this time to travel and relax the routine a bit, it’s important to stay consistent with swimming lessons.

Just because the schedule changes and things around the house get a little more relaxed, it doesn’t mean you should skip out on lesson time.

Swimming lessons are most effective if you can keep them going year-round so that children get all the benefits of swimming lessons no matter the season.

Summertime brings water exposure

As balmy days and warm nights roll in, so do the water activities. You know the drill – birthday parties, camp trips, beach days and the like. Everyone who has an event planned in the summertime wants to make the most of the fresh air and warm water while the season lasts.

The invitations will start pouring in, and we won’t fault you for thinking, “Do I really need to keep taking the kids to swimming lessons if they’re already going to be swimming so much this summer?”

After all, it seems counterintuitive to go to swimming lessons when kids can get the same amount of practice in the family pool at the neighbor’s barbeque. Right?

Well, not quite. This is a common line of thinking, and our response is always this: increased exposure to water means it’s more important for kids to attend swimming lessons!

Swimming lessons provide important skills for children of all ages that include water safety habits and rules. If your kids are going to be around water this summer, they need to have all the instruction possible to remain safer.

A backyard barbeque or beach day isn’t always the best place for children to get swimming practice. With so much activity and people around, many children are not appropriately supervised while they swim in these scenarios.

A swim lesson, on the other hand, offers time with a caring and supportive teacher, who can educate your child and help them feel confident. So, whether they’re in the Ocaquatics pool or swimming on their own this summer, make time for swim lessons!

Swimming lessons build confidence

In addition to the obvious safety benefits, swim lessons offer important life lessons that can be valuable during summertime. Without the structure of a school environment, some children may struggle to make friends during the summer months.

It’s hard for some children to navigate the social sphere at something like a pool party, where there are a lot of kids and noise. If they’re already shy, adding in the pressure to swim can feel overwhelming for little ones.

Regular swimming lessons build confidence and social skills, and these are invaluable benefits that reach far beyond the time they spend at Ocaquatics. Children feel better about themselves when they are learning, and successful swim lessons can work wonders for a child’s self-esteem and confidence – both inside the water and out.

Physical health

For those whose summer is spent idling away on lazy afternoons, swimming lessons are a great way to get in some physical activity.

If your child is spending this summer a little too interested in rest and relaxation, you know how quickly it can turn to boredom and restlessness. Combat the cabin fever of summer break with fun and exciting swim lessons.

Swimming gets their hearts pumping, improves cardiovascular fitness, and rejuvenates the mind and body. This is true for everyone of course, but it’s especially important for those whose summer is composed of sleeping in too late or, even worse, excessive screen time.

There’s also the added benefit of the low-impact nature of swimming. It’s a good workout, great for burning off excess energy, but it won’t leave joints aching and sore muscles the way that impact exercise might.

Make the most of summer with lessons at Ocaquatics

Swimming can be so much more than just an excursion during the summer holidays. When you sign up your child for swim lessons, you’re giving them the tools to practice safer water habits, gain confidence, and get some great physical exercise.

Whether your children love water or are timid in the pool, there is a group swimming lesson for them at Ocaquatics. We offer year-round lessons to help people of all ages become safer in the water. Our programs for children focus on “SAFER 3.”

We offer group swimming lessons for children as young as six months, all the way up to adulthood. It’s never too late to sign up. Contact us today!

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