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Why We Love Group Swimming Lessons

At Ocaquatics, we encourage our families to sign up for group swimming lessons

With warm weather getting into full-swing and lots of summer activities on the horizon, now may be the best time to start thinking about your children’s swimming and safety in the water. If you are considering enrolling your child in swim lessons, you might be wondering about the advantages of private vs. group lessons.

It might seem like private lessons are the way to go – after all, one-on-one attention can only be a good thing, right? We have found that in this case, more attention doesn’t always mean more success. In fact, we find that children are often more comfortable in group classes with other students their age.

Group classes mean more camaraderie, more chances for observation, and more time to work at an individualized pace. Read on to discover why we love group swim lessons!

Camaraderie and encouragement

There’s no getting around it – for some children, the pool can be scary. In addition to insecurity about being able to swim, the sensations of the pool can be overwhelming.

In group swimming lessons, kids get the opportunity to spend time with other children, and that can be reassuring. The social interactions between the children can soften their nerves, and create bonds and social skills.

In fact, we find that despite the usual jitters that occur in the first class, our students quickly learn to trust each other, and lessons become a fun experience. The bond formed among the class leads to shared celebrations for success and encouragement as new skills are learned.

Children learn by watching each other

Another benefit of group swimming lessons is the opportunity for kids to observe their peers. If a student is struggling with an aspect of the swimming lesson, he can watch and see how other children react and adapt to that scenario.

It can also help children to see other students playing and having fun in the water. This can encourage them to jump in and have fun too!

Work at your own pace

Along with observation and camaraderie, group lessons provide a child with the opportunity to practice swimming skills at their own pace.

When an instructor’s time is divided between a few students, your child will have the opportunity to observe and practice their skills without feeling like they are always in the spotlight.

If a child is struggling with a particular skill, it is good for them to have a break while the teacher is focusing on other students. This gives them a chance to recoup, relax, and process what they’ve learned without feeling pressured.

Sometimes parents think that more personal attention from the teacher will be the most effective, but in reality, group lessons often give students the most comradery, recovery time, and observation opportunities.

Sign up today

Whether your children love the water or are a little nervous in the pool, there is a group swimming lesson for them at Ocaquatics. We offer year-round lessons to help people of all ages become safer in the water. Our programs for children focus on “SAFER 3.

We offer group swimming lessons for children as young as six months, all the way up to adulthood. It’s never too late to sign up. Contact us today if you are ready for your child to begin learning how to feel confident and be safer around water.

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