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Ocaquatics Celebrates 25 Years of Success!

A unique way to inspire a company-wide spirit of giving

25 years of doing something is an accomplishment, no matter what it is. For us, it’s been teaching children and families to be safer around the water. We’re humbled and grateful for each customer we’ve had during that time – but for reasons that go beyond earning their business.

We’ve always believed it’s better to give than to receive. Every lesson taken from Ocaquatics allows us the opportunity to give back, through our participation with B1G1 and other philanthropic programs. And because of these programs, we don’t measure our longevity in years. We measure it by the lesson. Here’s why.


This amazing organization is on of our partners in making a difference in the world. By working with B1G1, we’re able to link our business activities directly to high-impact projects. Since we’ve joined forces with this nonprofit organization, we’ve made more than 550,000 “impacts.” Each swimming lesson creates a donation from us.

Swimming lessons help children learn to be SAFER around water, and each time a child takes a lesson we donate one day of water to someone who needs it. As a result, we have provided more than 545,000 days of access to clean water for children in Tanzania.

We’ve also:

  • Provided 925 days of access to special education programs in India

  • 3,400 days of medical support to nursery school children

  • 3,000 doses of vitamin supplements to children in need

  • 296 malaria treatments to children in Kenya

  • $262 in relief support to victims of Hurricane Irma

The giving isn’t just associated with lessons taken by children who come to Ocaquatics. B1G1 features our founder Miren Oca in a video that explains the unique way we add to our giving.

Each anniversary an Ocaquatics team member achieves is a special milestone and Ocaquatics celebrates by allowing the team member to pick a B1G1-sponsored cause of their choice. A 3-year anniversary might mean that the team member may choose to donate malaria medication or malaria nets or vitamin supplements for children in Africa. “We take care of our people,” Oca says, “and they turn around and take care of our customers.”

Find out more about how B1G1 works and how your company can get involved.

Charity: Water

Water naturally plays a central role for us. Our mission is to teach families to love swimming and to become safer, more comfortable and more responsible around it. Swimming is a necessary life skill that children will use throughout a lifetime.

It’s why Charity: Water is the perfect fit as another nonprofit that benefits from our operations. Did you know that nearly 1 in 10 people worldwide live without access to clean water? Without it, children in particular lack access to education – above and beyond health.

When an Ocaquatics team member celebrates a birthday, we give an equal amount to the age they’re turning to Charity Water. Turning 30 means that $30 will be donated on their behalf. Our birthdays help other people have birthdays!

What resonates with us is this organization’s approach to helping. They operate on what’s known as the “100% Model,” where the entire amount of public donations goes directly to fund clean water projects. Overhead is paid by a small group of private donors and companies. You can read more about it here.

We do it together

Our 25 years of success is the result of finding ways to see and be proud of the impact that can be made with you make the spirit of giving a part of business. Whether you work for us or you come to us for a lesson, your interaction with Ocaquatics is helping to change the world. One lesson at a time.

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