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The Qualities that Make a Good Ocaquatics Team Member

A positive attitude is everything

No teaching experience necessary. Don’t let that give you the wrong idea about what Ocaquatics looks for in team members. Only highly skilled Ocaquatics team members are allowed to teach children to swim and stay safer around water. However, we will equip you with those teaching and swimming skills. But we are very picky with who we allow on our team.

We look for a great attitude and character for every single one of our positions. A positive attitude is everything! There’s a certain set of positive personality traits that lead to success in working with and teaching children. These qualities cannot be taught. You’re born with them. And here is what you need to know:

Must love children

Whether you are looking for a dry, front desk position with us or you want to teach swimming, working around children requires an easily identifiable mindset that presents itself through patience, caring, and kindness. If you become an instructor, you’ll be teaching children in a group environment, but you’ll also have a relationship with each child. Successful Ocaquatics team members have no reservation about expressing the enjoyment and satisfaction they get by spending the day working with young minds.

There are specific ways to teach children how to swim and be safer around water. All Ocaquatics team members who come to work with us as instructors learn them. Teaching is a process founded by a desire to help others improve. It’s not possible unless you’re able to demonstrate that you truly find satisfaction in working with children and their families.

Communication skills

We are looking for more than just the language you sue. We love people who are animated and enthusiastic and love to express their happiness with a smile. You’ll be working with young children who learn through action. The ability to express yourself with more than words makes you a perfect candidate to become an Ocaquatics swim instructor.

And if you are applying for a dry, front desk position, you will find that we look for the same qualities in our dry team members as our aquatic ones. Parents are an important part of the learn to swim process, and you’ll be responsible for having regular conversations with them to help them find the very best schedule for their busy lives.

Team dynamics is also extremely important to the operations of Ocaquatics. Every day starts with a team huddle, where members actively communicate what they’ll do and where they’ll need support. You’ll truly appreciate the benefit of working with this swim school as long as you have a natural ability to share and take supportive feedback.


Ocaquatics is busiest when children are not in school. If your availability coincides with weekday afternoons and evenings, and on the weekends, you’re an excellent fit for our operational schedule.

Ocaquatics often hires college and high school students because they share the same schedule as the children they’ll teach. We also understand the need for flexibility, which is why we offer college students the ability to change schedules each semester.

Not in it just for the money

Every organization should have a reason to be proud of their impact. We’re extremely proud to know that we provide jobs that do more than offer a paycheck. We’re helping to teach children to swim and be safer around water. It’s a life-saving skill that stays with them for life.

We’re also doing the same for our team members. Every single employee at Ocaquatics can become CPR, WSI, and Lifeguard certified as part of the ongoing training we offer. Those skills will last a lifetime.

More than just teaching

Ocaquatics has opportunities for you beyond instructing, front desk, and customer services cent positions. We’re also always on the lookout for people who demonstrate leadership qualities and want to join our leadership team. We have a defined path to supervisory positions and eventually management for those who are interested.

Bring us your passion. Show us your patience and maturity, and that you’re ready to learn new skills. These are things we can’t teach you, and we’ve found that with these skills you will be successful a Ocaquatics team member.

If you’re passionate about working with kids and making a difference, spend some time reviewing the Ocaquatics website. If you’re interested in joining our team, we’d love to hear from you!

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