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Our 2018 Blog Wrap Up Is a Pool Full of Knowledge!

Swimming knowledge never grows old

In a world that’s always changing because of scientific advancements and technology, it’s good to know some things will remain pretty much unchanged. Knowledge is knowledge and learning to swim along with being safer around the water is something we can learn and depend on, no matter how much things around us change.

Before we delve too deep into 2019, we want to take a look back at all the tips we’ve shared and the awareness we’ve raised around safety. If you’ve missed out on any of our great blogs, or you want to brush up on some you find particularly interesting, here’s a great place to start!

Swimming Lessons

Give the Gift of Swim Lessons

Indoor Pools Are the Better Choice for Swimming Lessons

4 Ways Swimming Benefits Other Sports

Swimming Teaches Kids to Be More Social

What to Do When Your Child Tells You They Don’t Want to Go to Their Swimming Lesson

From the Bathtub to the Swimming Pool

How Children Benefit from Swimming Year-Round

The Importance of Swim Lessons for Special Needs Children

6 Benefits of Starting Swim Lessons Early

4 Reasons Group Swimming Lessons Are Better Than Private Lessons

Learning to Swim as an Adult

Swimming Children Are Smarter Children

Finding the Right Swim School for your Child

How Early Should your Child Start Swim Lessons?

9 Ways to Help Children Overcome a Water Fear

Water Temperature: How Cold Is Too Cold?

Water Safety

Gamify Swim Lessons: 3 Games to Engage Children and Reinforce Water Safety

Water Watchers: The Importance of Adult Supervision at the Beach

8 Hidden Water Dangers You May Not Have Considered

Boating Safety: How to Keep Children Safer on the Water

Water Safety at Home

Sun, Sand and Sea: Water Safety at the Beach

With CPR, Every Adult Can Play a Vital Role in Saving Lives

Water Watchers: The Importance of Adult Supervision in the Water

The Safer 3: A Guide to Staying Safer in the Water


Goggles: Should We Teach Children to Swim with Goggles On?

Why Children Under 3 Need to Wear Non-disposable Swim Diapers

Floaties Are Not as Safe as They Seem

About Us

What to Expect at an Interview with Ocaquatics

Why We Love Working at Ocaquatics

Ocaquatics Presents Daniela Canchon

Top 4 Reasons Ocaquatics Is a Great Job for High School Students

One Day at Ocaquatics: Aquatic Team Members

The Qualities that Make a Good Ocaquatics Team Member

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