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What to Expect at an Interview with Ocaquatics

Be a part of the Ocaquatics team

Ocaquatics has been recognized to have a great company culture, one of relationships, service and team. We strive to find great people who possess positive attitudes, are motivated to grow and learn, and have a special interest in making a difference in the world!

Here are some tips on what to expect when going through the interview process at Ocaquatics Swim School.

The “big things”

One thing to know about Ocaquatics is that we train for all positions. There is no experience required in order to apply to work, but we do take into consideration positive personality traits and attitudes.

One of the most important qualities you’ll be expected to show is your love for working with children and families. Teaching children to swim and helping them to become SAFER around water is what Ocaquatics is all about, so this desire to work with children and families is a foundational quality shared by all team members.

The interview process is the perfect time for Ocaquatics to get to know the applicants and to make sure they will be a great culture fit. Be prepared to answer some questions related to:

  • The patience and energy it takes to work with children and their parents

  • Your sense of humor

  • Your ability to work under pressure and as part of a team

  • Your never-ending desire to learn and improve

Since we hire lots of college students Ocaquatics team members have the ability to change their schedules each semester. We are busiest when kids are out of schools: weekday afternoons, weekday evenings and weekends.

More than a just a job

Your work or volunteer experience will always come in handy, but it’s what you’ll do for the children, parents and team that will make a difference in the future. Working at Ocaquatics is more than just a job because of the opportunity to teach a life-saving skill. It’s important to the team and the schools that this is a meaningful goal for you.

All team members at every level can pursue opportunities for growth, leadership, and career development. Everyone also has the ability to become CPR, WSI, and Lifeguard certified as part of the training.

Some of the standard benefits offered to everyone include free swim lessons for immediate family members if you work three days or more per week. If you decide to become a full-time member of the Ocaquatics team, you will become eligible for additional benefits such as PTO, holiday pay, health insurance, and participation in a 401(k) plan.

The interview process

It starts with a completed online application. A phone interview will be done, and then in-person interviews will be scheduled, including a pool interview if you are interested in an aquatic position.

The process also includes a group interview, and orientation so you get familiarized with Ocaquatics and so you’re comfortable with what will be expected from you. Each step of this process is by invitation, and it includes both a drug test and a background check.

If you’re passionate about working with kids and making a difference, spend some time reviewing the Ocaquatics website. If you’re interested in joining our team, we’d love to hear from you!

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