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Why We Love Working at Ocaquatics

The Ocaquatics team sheds some light on what they love most about working at the Ocaquatics Swim School

“Work just doesn’t feel like work.” Nice job if you can get it, so where are these jobs that make you feel this way? Many of the employees at Ocaquatics will tell you this is the place. And, they’re hiring!

What is it about being a part of the Ocaquatics team that makes work not feel like work? The Ocaquatics team tells us why.

Daniela Canchon, General Manager of the Ocaquatics Tropical location

“I think the main reason work doesn’t feel like work when you join us here is because there’s an unlimited opportunity to learn. Every day, you’re helping to change lives – and it’s not just the children, it’s whole families.”

Maricarmen, Ocaquatics Operation Manager

“Look as long as you like for the standard office politics you find elsewhere. It just doesn’t exist here. It’s because we’ve created an amazing culture that makes it a genuinely fun place to work. So, the people you work with aren’t just fellow employees. They end up as your friends. When you combine that with the act of helping to save lives by teaching children how to swim, you create these amazing bonds. You end up with a second family.”

Jennifer Ortega, Ocaquatics General Manager

“I agree with how Maricarmen describes the feeling of family and culture here. It’s all because of the qualities of the people we attract to work at Ocaquatics. I’d also add that you end up with more than just a second family. Teaching children to be safer around water involves the active participation of their parents. It’s a bonding experience between our staff, the children, and the parents. You end up becoming part of these families, as well.”

Camila Julien, General Manager

“If you’re interested in becoming a part of our team, you have to understand that Ocaquatics is a company like no other. There is truly nothing more that I love than working here. I know I can’t just say that without explaining, so here’s what I mean.

“The culture is just so amazing, and the people working there are some of the best people I have ever met. The relationship the team has with each other and with the clients is incredible. Work just doesn't feel like work. Everyone is so passionate and caring and enthusiastic and happy. You could be having a really bad day, and the moment you set foot inside Ocaquatics, your mood instantly changes.

“I think it’s important to say too, how amazing our leaders (I don’t even want to say bosses, because they are so much more than that) are, they spend the time to talk to us, connect with us, and inspire us to be better leaders ourselves each day.

“We have a daily opportunity to make a difference in our team’s lives and also children’s lives. The work we do is important, and we have so much fun that we often don’t realize how much of an impact we are making on the kids. We have parents that come back to thank us. They tell us stories about how we changed their kids’ lives forever, and that is so special.

“When you work for others, you want to know how your contributions are making a difference. It’s obvious every day at Ocaquatics. You’ll also see your contributions in action throughout the communities we serve. We get to see this in our interactions with charities, like B1G1 and CharityWater.”

Jessica Marquez, Human Resources Manager

“Everyone has the ability to help shape the company. At every level, there is opportunity to grow and develop. I think what makes the experience of working here so valuable is that the growth isn’t just for the benefit of Ocaquatics – it’s at a personal level.”

Available positions

Ocaquatics provides paid training for each position. There are two teams, and each has a specific role:

  1. Aquatic Team: These Ocaquatics men and women teach fun, small group classes in the pools. They’re our swim instructors, and what we call our “extra eyes.”

  2. Dry Team: These Ocaquatics men and women provide the extraordinary customer service to every person who comes in contact with the school. These positions require fluency in English and Spanish, and include our front desk, greeters, what we call our “boutique team.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about joining the Ocaquatics family, or you’re interested in signing up for swim lessons, contact us today!

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