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Strong companies know that the key to success and a good work environment is having a solid organizational culture. Culture is based on shared values, beliefs, and attitudes that have been developed over time. For Ocaquatics, culture is a priority and everything we do is guided by our mission, vision and core values. Our culture focuses on three main aspects: relationships, team atmosphere and service. We work very hard everyday to have great relationships with our families and with our team members. The vision of Ocaquatics is to grow our people so we can grow our business and therefore have a greater impact in the world. We are convinced that without strong bonds with our team members, we

AWSOM Project 2020

Ocaquatics visits The AWSOM Project to observe Drowning Prevention Efforts in Vietnam. The World Health Organization estimates that there are as many as 30 drownings in Vietnam every single day. Drowning rates were especially high in the Mekong Delta area where there is water everywhere. The families in this area are also very poor and often times children are left alone while their parents are at work. But a few special people, wanted to try to change this. After seeing the drowning rates and hearing stories of children and families who had been affected by drowning, Nikki Grazulis and Bev Christmass from Australia decided teaching swimming lessons and water safety could help make a differ

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