Summer Safer Fun

Summer is just around the corner and we know this means lots of fun in, on or around water. Whether it’s a pool, the ocean, or even a bathtub, any body of water creates a risk for drowning. However, there are ways you can reduce the related risks. Here are some useful tips from the SAFER 3 initiative promoted by the Stop Drowning Now Water Safety Foundation. [Safer Water] Homeowners should install sensors on doors or windows that exit to a pool area, so people are alerted if someone heads in that direction. Experts recommend isolation fencing at least four feet high, equipped with self-closing and latching gates. Install compliant drain covers in your pool. Never prop the gate to your pool o

Joining our Growing Team

Getting a job can be a lengthy path, especially if you want to work at Ocaquatics. We have a rigorous hiring process to make sure we get the most amazing and positive workers. We know what kind of team members we are looking for and we are willing to wait until we find them. Anyone who wants to work with us must be a truly exceptional and positive hard worker. If you feel that this is you, keep reading. We encourage our applicants to do their homework on us so that they get to know our company and what we expect. [Unlimited energy] We are a hospitality company first and foremost. We take care of our customers, and they include children and their families. Working with this population require

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