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“I love helping the families that become part of our school. It’s both humbling and exciting to help change a kid’s life by showing them the

Learning to Swim as an Adult

Learning to swim as an adult can be an intimidating experience. Swimming is an essential life skill that can provide people of all ages with a means for recreation and exercise throughout life. Often, adults who didn’t learn to swim at an early age become hesitant and can even develop a fear of the water. With a little patience and the right guidance, anyone can learn to feel more comfortable and confident in or around the water. Benefits of learning to swim as an adult There are many benefits to swimming, a few of which include: Low impact exercise. Swimming is a great low impact workout that’s much easier on the joints compared to other exercise routines. Helps work overlooked muscle group

Water Safety at Home

Keep your family safe around the pool this summer with safer water, safer kids and a safer response. This summer, many of us will be spending time splashing in our backyard pools, wading pools and bathtubs, staying cool and enjoying the warm weather. While lounging around the pool is a great way to get some relief from the South Florida heat, it is important to remember to always take the proper precautions. Unfortunately, Florida leads the country in drowning-related deaths for children ages 1-4 years. As a parent or guardian, It’s not only backyard pools you should be wary of, a small child can drown in as little as three inches of water. While there will always be some degree risk associa

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