Safety Tips

Statistics continue to indicate that drowning is still the leading cause of death in children under the age of 5 in Florida. Parent education about water safety is very important in preventing this. Our business is not only teaching swimming, but also teaching your child and family to be SAFER around the water.

Ocaquatics has adopted the Safer 3 Water Safety Foundation's message and program of the Safer 3. The main concept of the SAFER 3 is based on the definition of the word "Safe." Safe means that you are free from risk or danger  which is never true when it comes to water safety. The letter "R" in the word SAFER reminds us that there is always risk when in, on or around water. Protect your family by following the SAFER 3:

SAFER WATER: Protect all sources of water so that a child does not have the opportunity to gain unsupervised access. Fence your pool and lock your gate.

SAFER KIDS: Constant adult supervision is key to preventing accidents around the water. Always assign a designated Water Watcher. In addition, you should teach your kids to swim. And remember, a good swimming program will always teach safer behaviors for children and families around the pool.

SAFER RESPONSE: Would you know what to do in an emergency situation. If you had to, could you perform CPR on a loved one? Learn CPR and keep a phone and rescue equipment by your backyard pool at all times.

Please visit the Safer 3 Water Safety Foundation for more valuable resources

You may also find additional information at the National Drowning Prevention Alliance web site.

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